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Interviews on Pain; Consensual and Not

I’ve found the conversations I’ve posted at Blog of Pain have been quite helpful. When you experience something in a vacuum, it’s subjectively quite extreme, but when you talk to others about their own experiences, it puts your own life into a context where you can see things a little more objectively. New interview posted at bodmodsex as well.

Waiting anxiously until 11pm when Caitlin gets back…



Recently I got one of my “Bearded and Cross-Bones Zentastic Logo” shirts in the mail and I’m really happy with how it turned out… if you want a Zentastic shirt, I recommend this one. Unfortunately I got paint on mine in the first wearing, which sucks. Most of my clothes have paint on them.


If I moved more shirts, I’d dedicate the funds to the “Free Andy” (mentioned a few entries back) legal fund to stop the prosecution of body artists (or at least one body artist) in Ontario. I know I’m just an occasional reader these days, but I know that as that I’d rather see Andy defended in court by BME (a legal fund was a project I always wanted to do) than see staff flown to various events around the world… It’s sad too, because if I look at how much the legal battles over BME cost, a very small percentage of that money is all it would take to defend Andy (and perhaps set a valuable precedent). But sometimes totally inappropriate priorities are forced on you.

Caitlin is out of town this weekend, so Nefarious and I went up to the mall and had a late lunch there and went to the pet store… I’m considering letting her get a rat, rabbit, hamster, or similar such animal, and I think she’s mature enough to properly care for it (and she definitely misses her dogs a lot and mentions them often). We popped into the photo booth as we were leaving. She’s a lot more photogenic than me!


Other than that, the num-lock key on my keyboard has locked into place so I can’t turn it off and it’s driving me bonkers! This computer is slowly but surely failing, but I’m a cheapskate and don’t really do anything that needs a more powerful computer, so I’m really loathed to upgrade.

Snowball Earth


Potty Humor

Nefarious thought that this sign — ‘closed for the day’ — which she placed on our bathroom door, was about the funniest thing ever, and laughed maniacally when I walked toward it.