Murder by The State

The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man convicted of a crime I did not commit. I have been persecuted for twelve years for something I did not do. From God’s dust I came and to dust I will return, so the Earth shall become my throne.

Intense and upsetting.


  1. I am speechless. Thanks for sharing.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 9:27 am | Permalink
  2. Will wrote:

    Now if they could only prosecute the people guilty of this and give them the same punishment.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 10:16 am | Permalink
  3. DON wrote:

    Disturbing reading, indeed. It’s perhaps rather telling, I think, that the US is now the only Western democracy which not only retains the death penalty, but still uses it.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 10:56 am | Permalink
  4. Jaden wrote:

    I can’t wait until this case stops the death penalty in this country. This is the only reason I’m against it, and I’m sure it’s happened way more times than we’ll ever know.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 12:52 pm | Permalink
  5. Jon P wrote:

    Very very disturbing reading. I don’t live in the US, but here in New Zealand, Texas is known as a backward state. It’s a place I’ll never visit, never get close to geographically, as I wouldn’t want that happening to me.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 12:52 pm | Permalink
  6. lexi wrote:

    so very sad, and i hope it does aid in making the death penalty obsolete… the negligence of so many different people is really the most astounding part of the story.

    however i have to say i find your comment very backward jon p. i don’t think it’s fair to make that generalization about an entire state based on this story. there are many people in texas fighting for change, and it’s also a beautiful place to visit.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 1:55 pm | Permalink
  7. Joan wrote:

    I agree with Lexi JonP> I was born and raised in Texas until I moved to canada when I was 9, and I always believed the deayj penalty was wrong. And for you to generalize and judge a whole State guilty is more than a tad bigotted and narrow minded

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 3:06 pm | Permalink
  8. Joan wrote:

    huh..bad typing in the dark..obviously I meant to write the Death penalty

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 3:06 pm | Permalink
  9. Jon P wrote:

    Yeah, but I’ve also made the choice never to visit the US until all of the changes made by Bush are reversed. Generalization for sure, overly dramatic, but I’m just looking out for #1. For all the stuff I’ve done and said over the years, it’s almost a sure thing my name would be flagged if I ever entered a US airport.

    Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 4:51 pm | Permalink
  10. Indebted wrote:

    Unbearable. Absolutely terrible.

    Although Texas is more likely to murder its inmates, these horrific mistakes are hardly confined to Texas. Far too much “expert” evidence and anonymous complaints are accepted in court because they just sound reasonable enough. If you can tell a good story, you can convict someone as a criminal. It’s the downfall of American pragmatism.

    Thanks for the link.

    Monday, September 7, 2009 at 5:01 am | Permalink
  11. Bedazzler wrote:

    i agree with you – however unless you actually know she is pregnant…well you see what I’m getting at….that mistake has been made more than once.

    Monday, September 7, 2009 at 11:07 am | Permalink
  12. Twwly wrote:

    Determined to partake in “satanic-type activities” and be a sociopath based on his…. skull and snake tattoo. Nice.

    I guess for some old Texas “law-makers” any coloured skin is sin.

    Monday, September 7, 2009 at 1:50 pm | Permalink
  13. Twwly wrote:

    About Jon P’s sentiment, I get where he’s coming from. While I would love to travel back to the states for a little NYC or Philly visit, I am scared. Period.

    There was a big story on the CBC this spring about couples with children being detained without council for traveling across the border with what was basically natural food granola bars (they were sure it was drugs). The hysterics that ensued would be funny… if it were a skit on SNL and not actually happening to innocent people, on a pretty regular basis to boot.

    Between the Patriot Act and border security issues, the frequent and flagrant violation of the 4th amendment amongst others, it’s gonna take a lot to get me back into the states. Not saying Canadian law is all that and a bag of chips but it sure doesn’t make me feel comfortable crossing the border with my kids.

    Monday, September 7, 2009 at 2:00 pm | Permalink
  14. Steph wrote:

    Wow… Took me a few days to read through that due to other commitments. However it was pretty disturbing at best! Makes me wonder how many times this has occured. Innocent people being executed and ignorant and totally biased people neglecting to look at evidence based on facts. I have nothing against Americans but I am pretty damn happy to be Canadian!

    Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 2:49 pm | Permalink
  15. apolicious wrote:

    As an American, I feel compelled to chime in.

    Texas is… special. It has many things to offer culturally, but when it comes to capital punishment, it is horribly, laughably backwards. This is a state that is infamous for executing mentally handicapped people. It’s worth noting that the great state of Texas has seriously considered secession several times throughout its history, and the rest of the nation remembers this.

    If there’s anything the past few years have taught us, you can’t write off an entire country because of the knee-jerk reactions of a small minority of its citizens.

    I’m the first to admit that some of our laws are embarrassingly draconian. But I have no doubt in my mind that the average American citizen would be revolted by this story.

    I could go on, and on, and on. But my point is; America is not a monolith. Don’t write us off because of a few negative incidents. Every country has factions and incidents that they’re ashamed of. The Cable News likes to create imaginary conflicts (see: any town-hall meeting), but there are real battles going on here, and this case is a great illustration of this.

    Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 12:39 am | Permalink
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