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We’re having an amazing time here in Costa Rica. Yesterday we drove out to Playa Jaco, about a two hour drive through the mountains — thank god our rental car has GPS, or we would have got lost a few times. When we almost got to the beach we saw a sign that said “Waterfall… You can swim in!”, so we took a detour and drove 5km up a very steep mountain road (and saw an anteater ambling along the side of the road on the way).

Once we got to the parking lot at the top, we had to hike 2km — about a forty five minute jaunt that was mostly downhill and then climbed up again at the end — to get to the waterfall. It was really wonderful getting to stand in the cold water cascading down over us after having been drenched in our own sweat over the long and draining walk. Next we walked down to where the rapids pooled and swam in them, slowly being pushed down the river from pool to pool. It’s hard to describe just how idyllic it was, and how happy we all were there. As a father there’s no greater joy than seeing your child laughing wildly as they suck in the experience of life in its best moments.

The walk back though was completely miserable, hiking the 2km back up the mountain. Imagine 2km of rocky muddy stairs. The pain in my legs was almost unbearable and I had to stop regularly and was it not a “no choice” deal, I’m sure I would have given up. I was so proud of Nefarious for being able to do such a huge hike. Along the walk through the rain forest as well as many birds and the screaming in the distance of what must have been some sort of primates, we also saw a poison tree frog (I have photos for proof), and a battalion of leaf cutter ants disassembling greenery and carrying it in formation into their lair — a pretty amazing thing to see in person.

After getting back to the car we drove down to Playa Jaco and ate supper on the beach — ceviche for me, fish tacos for Caitlin, quesadillas for Nefarious, and calamari for David — while we watched surfers out on the waves and naked little kids splashing at the shore as their parents sat and ensured they weren’t dragged out by the deceptively strong current. When we finished eating, I “locked” my glasses in my trunks’ velcro pocket, and we went out into the waves ourselves, being pushed and dragged about by the huge surf. Again, gales of laughter and joy, even with the many scrapes we were suffering and the sand that was quickly and uncomfortably filling our bathing suits.

When I got out I discovered that my glasses were gone, not that I should have been surprised. Luckily I barely need them, and because by now it was night time the drive back was quite easy — although slow, getting stuck behind many large trucks in the curvy mountain passes as a violent thunderstorm with a strobe light disco of lightning played out around us.

Today we’re going to drive North, and check out some volcanoes, after I get myself some new glasses of course, when the stores open at nine. It’s only been a day, and it’s a great vacation so far. I’ve been taking lots of pictures, but I don’t have an XD slot on my laptop so I hope my wordy description will do until we return and I can post them. Depending on what Internet access I have I may or may not post again.


  1. Jaden wrote:

    God, that sounds like so much fun. Nefarious is a lucky little girl :)

    Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 8:58 am | Permalink
  2. Elizabeth wrote:

    Cant wait for pics!

    Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 10:32 am | Permalink
  3. Gracie wrote:

    I’m not sure whether it’s the season for it, but if you can make it out to Tortuguerro to see the turtles at night, it’s pretty amazing. I saw something moving about the size of my hand, and thought that was the turtle–and then I realized it was a fin.

    Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 2:33 pm | Permalink
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