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We made it into Playa Del Coco, Costa Rica last night, with most of the day getting consumed by driving because we didn’t leave San Jose until around eleven. There’s no “one hour glasses” like I’m accustomed to in Toronto, so I have to wait until Wednesday to get a pair, which has left me wearing contacts which I don’t really enjoy but can certainly make due with. I have been employing Caitlin to put them in and take them out for me because I am not emotionally up to the task!

Last night we had a chance to visit the beach just before dark, and ate some delicious tacos and then swam in the lit up hotel pool after dark — which on the whole I think Nefarious enjoys just as much as the beach. This morning we swam in the pool again after breakfast, and it was so incredibly hot so we took a siesta break and watched a movie before going back to the beach here. The water kicks up the dark sand, so it’s sort of like swimming at a muddy beach like Presquille in Ontario, but much much warmer. On the walk back Nefarious and I chased a foot and a half long bright green lizard that she discovered in a parking lot. Dave bumped into a friend who recommended a beach that’s about a forty-five minute drive away, Brasilita I think, so we made that drive in the afternoon.

It was amazing, with the beach being not sand, but millions upon millions of little seashells, before they’ve had time to be ground up into the white sand that I am sure they will become one day. In addition to the white granular surface, there were many craggy rocks jutting up out of the water, which meant snorkelling, which I love to do. In my swimming I saw dozens of kinds of fish — big schools of barracuda-like hunting fish, many sorts of bright multi-coloured fish, big spotted and stripped puffer-type fish, three foot long needle fish, psychedelic blue starfish and many living seashells and urchins, and to my amazement, a baby moray eel (again, I took a photo as proof).

I swam out quite far from shore, exploring all the rocks and seeking out all the hidden fishes I could, imagining the life I could lead if only I had a spear and no responsibilities. On land I’m hobbling about as a cripple, with enormous strain and pain for even the simplest activities, but in the water, I feel strong and normal, and it makes me very happy to spend time in the ocean. Anyway, tomorrow we are finally heading off to see a volcano, as well as a cloud forest I think. When I get back I suppose the easiest thing to do will be to update these entries with the many photos I have been taken, once the shock of returning to winter wears off!

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    Ah yes, the lure of the Octopus’ Garden!

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Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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