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Some “easy” questions for those of faith

283px-Cristo_Redentor_Rio_de_Janeiro_4The difficult thing for me in dealing with religion is that I don’t understand why people believe it in the first place. To me, it doesn’t make sense to believe something that seems so completely unsupported. However, I’m willing to accept that there’s something I’m missing — some personal experience, representative of theistic reality or not — that justifies the belief system.

So I have a few questions, that I hope that readers of faith will post answers to, assuming I have not chased them all away. Here are the questions:

  1. What made you choose your specific fath, and, if applicable, denomination?
  2. How do you know that God exists in general?
  3. What first-hand experiences have you had that confirm the existence of your specific God to you? (ie. a feeling, Jesus voice in your head, etc.)
  4. How do you choose which parts of your holy books should be taken literally? If it’s not all of them, how do you decide how to interpret or ignore the rest?
  5. How are you sure that your specific faith and denomination are the “correct” one? If not, how do you reconcile that?

I’d really appreciate answers in the attached forum. The more you can be specific and verbose the better. Atheists, please don’t answer, and I’d appreciate it if the answers were not debated or picked apart here because it’ll distract from what this post is about. Thanks. Oh, and feel free to post anonymously.

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Wanna see my big muscles?

Thanks to Dr. Bray, who did a great job with the surgery, for taking these gnarly photos of the inside of my leg (showing some delicious zombie food) so that I could share them here and with Nefarious, who is very interested in such things — and is looking forward to the latest Body Worlds show upon our return. I’m all healed by the way — this surgery was some time ago and while I am still waiting for proper follow-up, the wound itself is completely healthy.

On my way out of the hospital from picking these up, the recent African immigrant parking attendant saw my truck’s logo and says to me, “what is… zombie?”

I explained to him that it was someone who had died and then came back to life to feast on the flesh of the living, somewhat like a vampire but more like a walking corpse. He looked at me with disbelief — “you believe these undead are real?” — assuming that there really was a “Toronto Department of Zombie Disposal” I guess. He was very, very reassured when I told him that no, it was only in jest and he had nothing to worry about, especially working so close to a hospital.