Monthly Archives: December 2009

Movies and Games

After a couple games of chess at the end of school today we went and picked up some new games. I shouldn’t say “new” I suppose because Othello is a very old game and Nefarious proved to me that she had played before by shaming me in a 41 to 23 loss. That said, I think it may have been luck, and I think that chess is a far easier game for kids to grasp, and while it’s black-and-white, it has no strange racial overtones (if you’re wondering, I played as Desdemona).


I’d been eyeing this “Inverse” game since I saw it on ThinkGeek so when I saw it today at Toys’R’Us, I grabbed a copy. We haven’t played it enough yet for me to give a conclusive opinion, but unfortunately I’m not too sold on the game — it seems a little too predetermined (as in, if you go second, you’ll almost certainly win). So far it’s not on my recommended list, but I am still giving it a chance.


I watched a couple good movies in the last 24 hours as well… I began with Confessions of a Superhero, a documentary about panhandlers who dress up as superheroes and work for tips in Hollywood. It’s a touching set of stories, and has a couple great and very unexpected twists in it. After that I watched Julie Delpy’s The Countess, a humanizing take on the story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory (who is most often compared in superlatives to Vlad Dracula, bathing in the blood of virgins). Now I’m watching The Maiden Heist. Probably too many movies for one day. Oh, and I watched The Canyon when I woke up during the night with a little insomnia last night.