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DIY Rotoscoped Animation

Here is the second animation that I’ve created in the awesome free (shareware — I donated so I suppose it’s not really free) animation tool Pencil (with some post-processing in Photoshop). It starts off with some sketched rotoscoping (rather than using a tweened vector a la Waking Life), and then continues with me transforming into a poorly drawn werewolf. It’s just 61 frames of animation, but it was quite time consuming to draw! I think if you visit the page on Youtube you can view it at 720p (I drew it natively at 1280×720). There’s no sound, and the video ends at 0:40 but for some reason it has another twenty seconds from a previous edit tacked onto the end. I’m not sure why. Anyway, here you go! I think it turned out quite well for being only the second animation that I’ve done using these methods. The next one will have an actual story I think.

Trip to the remodelled ROM

We did end up doing the museum — the batty ROM / Royal Ontario Museum — visit today as planned. As it contains many photos I’ve placed most of that behind a click-through, so you can “read on” for all that. However, I wanted to start things off with this picture of the three of us about half way through the day that I really like. All of us had a good time.



Worst keloid ever… the keloid beard

I’m sure it’s not the worst ever, but really, this is as bad as I need to see. Somehow after reading how CBS got sued over tricking a guy into having his penis surgery publicly broadcast and wondering what exactly his cock deformity was (turned out to be something that, from looking at thousands of penises over my publishing lifetime, I know is very common and rarely worth stressing over) I got into reading Wikipedia’s list of cutaneous conditions — a real horrorshow list — and came across a picture of the worst keloid ever. I’m not going to include the full size picture in the entry because I don’t want to lose the few regular readers I have left, but click if you dare.

Animation, Falsehoods, and Truths

Falsehoods first. Last night when Caitlin and I were watching Survivor (a ritual now that we’ve had for over a decade!), there was a commercial on for the next evening’s news “special feature”, which was on body modification — “Piercings, Tats & Teens” — and they were doing the getting real-old fear mongering where they wring their hands over what the crazy kids are doing these days, and asked the question (and I quote) of whether Toronto is “becoming the Wild West of body modification?” The particularly astute viewer will notice that the branding footage that they used in the commercial is of Blair branding Mikey (below), the former owner of New Tribe in Toronto over ten ten years ago — and even then Mikey was at least thirty years old… Pretty far removed from being a teen in 2010.


But I have never espoused the idea that the news is anything other than a way to sell advertising. They care nothing — or on a good day, little — for the truth, and when you see something on which you are an “expert” and realize how little relation what’s reported as fact has with reality you start getting the scary realization that television news reporting is entertainment and should not be taken seriously.

The last couple days I’ve been working on a new hand-drawn (I count drawing on a tablet as that) animation, in which, after the clouds float off of the full moon, I transform into a werewolf. I’m hugely enjoying the tablet, and how “natural” it feels, and the animation software… and it’s really sucking up my time with the obsession it’s creating!


Nefarious has been watching my progress, and today I showed her the process of building up an animation step by step using an onion skin and she asked me if she could give it a try. Here’s her first creation — I think it turned out nicely and if I hadn’t pried her away with other [real world] games, it would have been much longer that this 13 frame creation I’m sure.


She wants to do more animation this weekend so I told her to do her best to remember her dreams. I have some cut-out animation software as well (similar to what South Park uses) and I thought we could draw some things on paper — make paper puppets basically — andd then create a story with them… I thought of this after she pulled out some drawings that I did for her at the breakfast table something like three years ago that I figured would be fun to pull a Pinocchio on.


Not sure what the plans are this weekend… They just put a new bat cave at the Royal Ontario Museum, which Nefarious loves, so I might go there with the girls since I just renewed my membership anyway. Oh, and I’ll finish off with a Truth — have I mentioned my perfect breakfast? It’s a a few containers of sugar snap peas, blueberries, and some Reeses pieces. Totally delicious. Almost every day this week I have stopped at the grocery on the way home from dropping Nefarious off at school in the morning and picked up this wonderful snack, picking through for the freshest selection.


Although now that I think about it, tomorrow I promised Nefarious a very unhealthy — and rare — treat of a breakfast at McDonalds. For me, the real treat is going out for a morning walk, which legs aside, I quite enjoy. That said, this morning I couldn’t walk, and when I got up, I promptly fell over and landed on the floor. Oops. More for the bruise collection. I managed to get up and then collapsed a second time. Luckily Nefarious was there because I’d promised to play some cards with her before breakfast and I had her get my cane, and I used it to steady myself until I found my strength.

Matis Tribe’s Unusual Upper Lip Piercing

I was watching the BBC series “Amazon with Bruce Parry” and in episode two he visits with the Matis tribe (“The Jaguar People”), of which only about three hundred members survive today. On them, I saw a piercing that I don’t think in all my years of doing BME I ever saw anyone do — and perhaps this is the first time I’ve even seen this piercing. It looks like sort of a high upper lip piercing, with a vertical placement — kind of like a “vertical lowbret” but for the top lip… “Vertical upbret” or something. Sadly I have lost the gallery-launching privileged of playing a role in the naimng of piercings. Below are a couple of screen caps from the BBC documentary, and you can also read more here (with attached photo gallery, although no info on the piercings).