Monthly Archives: August 2010

A Little More Ink

As you’ve probably assumed, I got tattooed today. Nefarious and I headed downtown to where Shane’s shop is, walked around for a while and had a sandwich since it’s important to eat before a tattoo in my opinion, and then arrived a little after noon where we were greeted, to Nefarious’s delight, by his little-but-growing-rapidly baby. All the tattooing went well — it’s always a great pleasure, both because I like getting tattooed, and because Shane and I have been in this business together for so long (having both worked at Stainless, along with Caitlin as well, a decade and a half ago) that he’s practically family — with two major elements (attack robot and zombie officer — I’m sure some people will recognize the source artwork) having their preliminary placeholder-outlines put in place. [Holy run-on sentence!] Caitlin showed up about half way through and snapped this photo and then Caitlin, Nefarious, and Jovanka went out for dinner while Shane did some shading, and when we wrapped up I think it was — time really flies! — starting to approach six.


A couple close-up photos as well, and I’m thinking you don’t need help identifying the photographer due to the much lower height from which they were taken than Caitlin’s towering window into the world.



Then we read some Harry Potter (working on The Deathly Hallows now), ate some grapes, and got the bedtime process started a bit early. “A bit early” because last night ended up quite late. We’d intended to go to the drive-in, but aborted — to great sadness and tears — due to rain. Instead of going out, we had a home “sleep-over” movie night and Nefarious and I loaded up the couch (which is a big L-shaped sectional with tons of space) with pillows and blankets and watched Star Trek (the most recent movie, which I’m happy to say she greatly enjoyed) followed by the second Three Ninjas kids movie — arriving awake past midnight is still a thrilling accomplishment at age seven.

Tomorrow we’re beginning an experiment in home-schooling, using the month of August to give some hands on experience with the subject to explore the option more seriously. If it goes well, I will write on it in much more detail in the future. If it does not, well, then we never had this conversation, and I’ll trust you to erase the matter from your wetware memory and your software cache.