Monthly Archives: March 2011

Monster Toy

I know I don’t have to apologize for this, but sorry nonetheless about my non-presence online lately. It’s been a rather unpleasant time for me as the disease is starting to affect my arms and I have to be careful not to do too much sculpting or other work with my hands lest I lose the use of them for a few days. In addition my legs have weakened to the point where not only is walking unpleasant, but standing for even a few moments is quite difficult. It seems like every time my painkillers are moved up one notch, the pain is moved up two, and it’s a losing battle… To make matters worse they tried to add a secondary neuropathic painkiller to my medication and I had a nasty adverse reaction to it and spent the weekend drenched in sweat, disoriented, nauseous, and dizzy with a pounding headache, and even though I stopped taking it days ago I’m still shaking badly, having trouble sleeping, and am alternating between chills and heat spells — at least the tinnitus seems to have passed. I’m supposed to get tattooed later this week and I really hope I’m feeling better by then.

I did do a little bit more work on my toy, but not much.