Slightly Deranged Age Eight Comics

Nefarious has a massive collection of comics and graphic novels (a lot of really good stuff, in addition to reading mine), so it’s not very surprising that from time to time she feels like creating her own comics and cartoons. I’m not sure what influenced these, but they’re… let’s find a polite word… eccentric? Pretty funny stuff though. Maybe it’s just funny if you live here, I don’t know. But I loved receiving them and I think they’re as enjoyable as most comics in the newspaper.

The little alligator on the surfboard says “help, I don’t know how to swim?”, and the big one (who is so talented that he is skipping rope on his surfboard) is thinking, “Eat or save?” As you can see by the lighthouse this is a nighttime misadventure.

More after the break.

Gore Santa who has been eviscerated along with his reindeer by a living knife, “No Christmas Presents”.

I won’t attempt to analyze what they are, but the sad one is saying “Why don’t I get to dance? Waaaaaaah!”

This ant colony seems to have been invaded by mice who are installing themselves as the new royalty. This was actually a creativity exercise that she did, starting with an abstract scribble and turning it into something. The colony was the scribble of course.

This is a comic that only works if you live here. My medication is strong enough to kill a normal person, so it’s very clearly labelled with warnings. Unfortunately, a spider who is coincidentally also named “Shannon Larratt” has come along and noticed the bottle, assuming it belongs to him. Chug chug, and then later… Kaput…

Ok… Does anyone have the number for a good child psychologist? (BTW, pubing = putting). The only non-odd influence I can think of is that I just got a great science/zoology trivia book called “Why Do Dogs Eat Poop” or something like that. Well, I guess gross-out poop humor is as normal as it comes for kids so I shouldn’t look for an explanation.

The pile of these is much thicker than what I have posted but these were the ones I liked best.


  1. rmx256 wrote:

    My daughter noticed me writing a book once and therefore wrote a story of her own: “The Angry Tree,” about a tree which ate passersby. I still use it for inspiration.

    Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 6:24 am | Permalink
  2. Raskin666 wrote:

    Hahaha. The Eat or Save one made me laugh out loud.

    Monday, August 8, 2011 at 11:43 am | Permalink
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