Monthly Archives: January 2012

New Meteorite Jewelry

Well, the big sale is over and I probably won’t run one for a while again. However, I do have some pretty nice new stuff to post since I finally got around to taking photos.

The Meteorite Jewelry Section in my Etsy shop has sat empty for a while but I’ve just posted six new rings to it. Each of these is built around a Nantan iron meteorite (more details in the entries) with a one-off sculpted body around it, generally with a UFO of some type — Haunebu (WWII Nazi UFOs) or Vril Discs (the more occult end of UFOs) are my favorites so you’ll see those most often. There’s also a big winged one that turned out amazing, and another that’s inspired by planned missions to mine the asteroids. Each of these pictures can be clicked on to jump to the store page for close up photos or to snag them. As I said these are one-offs and when they are gone they’ll never return.