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First let me set the mood with a wonderful new piece of graffiti that sprung up on the building around the corner. I wish I could take credit for this cheery piece but I can’t. As with most of the pictures in this entry you can click to see it bigger.

We had a very nice week here, which is why I didn’t post last week. Tomorrow it’s “back to work” and I’ll be fulfilling Etsy orders (and I’m leaving that sale coupon running until then), and then on Thursday it’s back to the hospital for a CT scan of my noggin, but now let me update the ol’ diary. Because it was spring break for Nefarious’s school in Virginia (versus March Break in Canada last month) she was hear visiting, and the visit began with a trip to her grandmother’s to have an Easter Egg hunt and to see her cousins as well. During that time, Caitlin and I explored the county, going both to various beaches and parks (Little Bluff, Point Petre, Lake on the Mountain, Prince Edward Point, and so on), as well as checking out various funny antique shops (no we did not go “antiquing”, it was more looking at budget outsider-art galleries or something) and the likes. And I rooted my tablets (Acer Iconia 500 and 501), which was a great call because now I can mount all kinds of devices that I couldn’t before, such as large (64gig+) memory sticks and NTFS drives.

Tourist pictures of Caitlin and I:

We also saw a cool old diving pod:

And made rock men:

We did all sorts of stuff when we got back into Toronto, including a visit to the CN tower because I’d been promising Nefarious that I’d take her up to the very top. I’d never been to the Skypod, and neither had she — we’ve just been to the large main section. The Skypod is actually 33 stories higher, which makes a remarkable difference. When you look down, the main section might as well be on the ground, and if it were not for the Skydome putting it to scale, you’d think it was — that’s how much higher it seems!

It also has some cool pod windows on the lower story, and then normal large windwos up on the main level… The pods are actually cooler because they make you feel like you’re in a hovering spaceship coming in for a landing or some kind of airship or something.

I did notice however that in nearly every picture I appear to have grown finger-shaped bunny ears.

Might need to see a doctor about that. As if I don’t have enough reasons.

We also went to the Wizard World ComicCon, where Nefarious had lots of sword fights and had way too much fun shooting a stormtrooper for charity ($5 to the Make-A-Wish foundation if I remember right). It’s actually the first Con I’ve been to, which may come as a surprise, and I’ve got to say that the signature area, where various celebrities are there for pictures and signing, is really depressing. Dean Stockwell was stuck between Jeri Ryan and Scott Bakula, both of whom had long lines, while he had no one and looked very, very sad and awkward. It was quite depressing and I didn’t like looking at the scene. We were there early though.

I bumped into a BME friend there too which is always very nice.

Oh, there’s a lot more I could post but after two other long entries — and no sleep since Saturday night because of my “sleep deprived EEG” this morning, I’m rather wiped out and don’t want to do any more. So let me leave off with the odd metal ice-shield at Point Petre that always makes me fantasize that there’s a strange underground base there for Nazi U-Boats or something. It is after all linked to a massive no-trespassing Department of Defense monitoring station of some sort. I wanted to check it out but it had a big fence around it and no-trespassing signs.

Bedtime can’t come soon enough!!!

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  1. dresden wrote:

    All the times I’ve been to TO, I don’t think I’ve been to the top of the CN tower. Unless my parents took me when I was younger, but I doubt it. I think we will have to do that next time. I love taking pictures of cities from high points. I went to NYC a few years ago, and braved the lines of the Empire State building just to get pictures, and it was super worth it. Very cool to be up there and see the city at that height.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 6:26 am | Permalink
Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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